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Amtrak Silver Meteor: 12 Things You Need To Know Before You Ride

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Riding on the Amtrak Silver Meteor can be the experience of a lifetime. Many first time riders are unprepared for what to expect, so we will go over everything you need to know before riding.

Does the Amtrak Silver Meteor have a dining car

The Silver Meteor does have a dining car located in the middle of the train. Sleeper car passengers are served meals in the dining car. The cost of dining car meals are included in the ticket price. Coach class passengers can purchase food from the cafe and take the food back to their seat to eat. The Silver Meteor offers the flexible dining menu to sleeper car passengers.

Silver Meteor Dining Car

What is a bedroom like on the Silver Meteor

The Amtrak Silver Meteor is a Viewliner train so the bedrooms in the sleeper cars will either be a Viewliner I or Viewliner II. Bedrooms come with bunk beds at night as well as a chair and couch during the day. Bedrooms are equipped with a private toilet and shower in the room. Viewliner II cars are newer upgraded versions of the Viewliner I cars. When booking your ticket you won’t be able to choose a Viewliner I or II, it will be assigned to you.

Silver Meteor Viewliner II bedroom
Silver Meteor Viewliner II Bedroom

What is a Roomette like on the Silver Meteor

The Amtrak Silver Meteor Roomette is a cabin for 2 people in the sleeper car. It is the smallest accommodation available on the train. Roomettes on the Silver Meteor will either be a Viewliner I or Viewliner II and are assigned to you, with no choice of which one you’ll get.

Viewliner I Roomettes come with a toilet in the room, and Viewliner II Roomettes do not have a toilet. They are upgraded versions of the Viewliner I cabins. In a Viewliner II Roomette your bathroom will be in the hallway and shared with other guests.

Silver Meteor Viewliner II roomette
Silver Meteor Viewliner II Roomette
Silver Meteor Viewliner I roomette
Silver Meteor Viewliner I Roomette

Does the Silver Meteor have WiFi

The Silver Meteor does have a WiFi connection that is available to all passengers for free. Service speeds will be about the same as your cell phone so it is best used on a laptop or tablet that don’t have a connection. WiFi can cut out or slow down from time to time so it is not good for an important video call.

Does the Silver Meteor have an Observation Car

The Amtrak Silver Meteor does not have an observation car. It is not considered one of the most scenic routes in the US. While you will see some nice and interesting towns along the way, it is not a route that should be picked because of the scenery.

The 8 Most Scenic Amtrak Routes

Silver Meteor vs. Northeast Regional

If you are only riding the SIlver Meteor to stations between New York and Washington D.C., you could also ride the Northeast Regional.

There is no difference in time or price between the Northeast Regional and the Silver Meteor if you are riding in coach. The Northeast Regional has multiple departures per day so you’ll be able to choose a more convenient time.

One advantage of the Silver Meteor is that you can book a roomette for the day even if you are not sleeping overnight, something you cannot do on the Northeast Regional. The Northeast Regional has a business class section, which the Silver Meteor does not.

On the Northeast Regional you’ll be riding with commuters, where on the Silver Meteor your fellow passengers will be people travelling overnight to and from Florida.

How much does the Silver Meteor cost

The base price for a coach ticket on the Silver Meteor is $130 and the base price for a sleeper car cabin is $557. Discounts and sales can reduce the cost of the tickets.

Where does the Silver Meteor go

The Amtrak Silver Meteor travels between New York City and Miami and stops at most major cities on the east coast including Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Orlando and Jacksonville. The train takes 28 hours to go from New York City to Miami.

What is Silver Service

Silver Service is a brand name that encompasses the Silver Meteor and the Silver Star. Both trains run from New York to Miami, but they take slightly different routes. If you are riding the whole route, you can pick whichever train is cheaper and offers a more convenient schedule for you. The Silver Star takes 4 hours longer than the Silver Meteor.

How fast does the Silver Meteor go

The Silver Meteor has a top speed of 79mph. The train will have a much lower average speed though, as it slows down to go through cities and populated areas. Most of the time the train will be travelling much slower than 79mph.

What days does the Silver Meteor run

The Silver Meteor runs every day from New York to Miami and Miami to New York. You can ride the Silver Meteor on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 3:15pm from New York and 8:10am from Miami.

What stops does the Silver Meteor make

The Amtrak Silver Meteor stops at the following stations

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