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Amtrak Auto Train: 12 Things You Need To Know Before Riding

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The Amtrak Auto Train allows passengers to bring their vehicle on the train between Lorton, VA and Sanford, FL. The Auto Train is the only Amtrak train that allows passenger vehicles. With only two stops, the Auto Train is a quick way to transport yourself and your car between Virginia and Florida.

What Food Is Available On The Auto Train

Sleeper car passengers on the Auto Train will be delighted to know that the Auto Train has traditional dining for all sleeper car passengers included in the price of their ticket. All passengers can also eat from the Cafe car on the Amtrak Auto Train. Traditional dining meals can be eaten in the dining room car or in your room. Meals from the Cafe can be eaten in your coach seats, the observation car, or your sleeper car room.

Amtrak Auto Train

Where Is The Best Place To Sit On The Auto Train

The best place to sit on the Amtrak Auto Train is in the middle of a coach car on the upper level. In the middle of the car you’ll be away from the wheels and opening doors. On the upper level of the Auto Train you’ll have a much better view out of the windows than the lower level. If you have a roomette, the best views are also from the upper level. On the lower level it could be a little noisier, but you’ll have access to more bathrooms.

Where Does the Amtrak Auto Train Go

The Auto Train starts and ends in Lorton, VA and Sanford, FL. It is meant to provide service between the greater Washington D.C. and Orlando areas. There are no intermediate stops on this route and you cannot get off until the end. Even though the Auto Train goes through Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina, you cannot get off in these states.

How Much Does A Car Cost On The Amtrak Auto Train

When riding the Auto Train you’ll have to factor the cost of your car into the price of your ticket. In addition to your coach class or sleeper car ticket, you’ll need to pay for your vehicle. Standard cars start at $208, while extended vehicles are $239. Motorcycles cost $146 and there is a $60 charge for priority offloading.

How Much Is A Ticket On The Auto Train

Amtrak often runs sales on the tickets for the Auto Train. The regular starting price for a coach class ticket is $89 and the sleeper car rooms start at $301. In addition to this cost you’ll need to pay for your vehicle. Prices will go up as the train fills up, so as soon as you know your plans you should buy your tickets. There are not usually last minutes sales on Amtrak Tickets.

Amtrak Auto Train

How Long Is The Auto Train Ride

The Auto Train takes 17 hours to travel from outside Washington D.C. to outside Orlando. You could drive this route in 12 hours, so taking the train does not save time. It does save having to deal with driving on I-95 and provides a more peaceful way of getting to and from Florida.

If you don’t like driving on the interstate the Auto Train is a great option.

Can I Sleep In My Car On The Auto Train

Passengers on the Auto Train will be sleeping for one night on the train. On the Auto Train you can sleep in coach class seats or in a sleeper car, but Auto Train passengers cannot sleep in their car while on the train. Vehicles are put in a special car which cannot be accessed by passengers during the trip.

The best way to sleep on the Auto Train is to get a roomette or bedroom.

Is The Auto Train Cheaper Than Flying

Taking the Auto Train is cheaper than flying because you won’t need to rent a car once you reach your destination. The price of a coach ticket ($89) and your vehicle fee ($208) will be less than buying airfare and renting a car in Orlando or Washington D.C. Riding the Auto Train for your vacation is a good way to save money.

Can I Bring My Pet On The Auto Train

Passengers are not allowed to bring pets on the Amtrak Auto Train. While pets are permitted on most Amtrak routes in coach class, the Auto Train is not one of them. You may bring your car, but not your pet, so if you have a pet you may need to rethink this form of travel.

Does The Auto Train Have An Observation Car

The Amtrak Auto Train is a Superliner train with a sightseer lounge car. The observation car on the Auto train can be used by all passengers. The car has a domed ceiling with great views out of both sides and includes seats that face out and tables where 4 passengers can sit together. There are outlets to charge electronics in the observation car.

Amtrak Auto Train
Observation Car

Which Sleeper Car Rooms Are Available On The Auto Train

The Amtrak Auto Train is a Superliner train and has the following sleeper car rooms:

What Is Priority Offloading On The Auto Train

Priority offloading on the Auto Train means that your vehicle will be among the first 30 to be brought off the train after arrival. This will save you time at your destination. The cost to purchase priority offloading is $60 and can be purchased when you buy the ticket for your vehicle.

Select Executive Amtrak Guest Rewards members get one free priority offloading coupon per year.

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