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Complete Guide To Amtrak Guest Rewards Points And Upgrade Coupons

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This complete guide to Amtrak Guest Rewards points and upgrade coupons will help you sort through this program. This loyalty rewards program has many aspects to it. We are breaking it all down for you. You can earn points to use towards free travel and upgrades as well as many other bonuses. Many of these discounts and bonuses exceed the discounts and sales, such as the BOGO Romette sale.

complete guide to amtrak guest rewards points and upgrade coupons
Ready for a free trip using my Amtrak Guest Rewards Points

What is Amtrak Guest Rewards Program ?

The Amtrak Guest Rewards program is open to anyone who uses Amtrak for travel. This program is free to sign up and use. There are no fees to use points or coupons. Points are awarded for travel as well as using their Amtrak Guest Rewards credit card. You can use your accumulated points to book train travel as well as book hotels and rental cars. This program is ideal for those who plan to use Amtrak frequently.

How Do I Use My Amtrak Guest Rewards Points?

To redeem your Amtrak Guest Rewards Points you simply go the Amtrak website, click the Amtrak Guest Rewards login. You will then fill in your travel info, where you’re going and when and it will give you suggested trains and costs, using your points. Be sure to select points instead of dollars as you are searching. You can easily see the dollar value of the trip by reentering the information and searching dollar value instead of points. Once you book your trip with points, you can not use the BidUp program with Amtrak. You can not use your points to upgrade on Amtrak.

complete guide to amtrak guest rewards points and upgrade coupons
A ride on the Coast Starlight

How Many Amtrak Points Do You Need For A Free Trip?

The number of miles you need for a free trip on Amtrak varies. When booking a trip, you can search by point value instead of dollar value. Point values also change as the trip gets closer. If you book your trip well in advance you will save points, just like you would save money. Waiting until the last minute will cost you more points for a trip that may have been less if you had booked further in advance. We have done multiple trips for free, from long distance train rides on the California Zephyr to short rides like First Class on the Acela. Our free trips have ranged from 20,000 points to just 3,000, again, this varies by how long your train trip is and how far in advance you are purchasing the ticket.

Do Amtrak Guest Rewards Points Expire?

Your points do not expire as long as you keep your Amtrak Guest Rewards account active. You can keep an account active in various ways. Traveling on Amtrak is the easiest way to keep the account active. You continue to earn points, 2 points for every $1 spent with a 25% bonus for business class travel and 50% bonus for First Class Acela. Another way to keep your account active is to redeem points for free travel. You can book free travel for as little as 800 points to various destinations. The Amtrak Guest Rewards Mastercard is another way to keep your account active. Using this card, you can earn points, which keeps the account active.

Amtrak allows you to use your points to purchase Metropolitan Lounge access passes as well as purchasing upgrade coupons. You can also keep your account active by redeeming your points for other travel related services, such as car rentals or hotels. Amtrak will also send out surveys that you can participate in to keep your account active. There are many ways to keep your account active so you do not lose your hard earned points. If you do not keep your account active in one of these ways, your points will expire in 24 months.

How Much Are Amtrak Guest Rewards Points Worth?

Amtrak Guest Rewards points are worth an average of about 2 cents when redeemed for train travel. Member Level Guest Rewards members earn 2 points for every $1 spent with some bonuses built in. You can earn 25% point bonus for business class travel as well as 50% point bonus for First Class Acela travel. There are several ways to stretch your points to get the most out of them. Booking travel in advance is a great way to make your points go further. Just as you would save by purchasing a ticket in advance, the same applies with points.

How Do I Earn Amtrak Guest Rewards Points?

There are various ways to earn Amtrak Guest Rewards points. The easiest way is to ride Amtrak. You receive points for every ticket purchase, earning 2 points for every $1 spent. Points expire in 24 months but if you keep your account active as mentioned above, your points do not expire. You can earn more points with your travel if you earn one of several Elite statues with Amtrak, discussed below. You may also earn points by using your Amtrak Guest Rewards Mastercard to purchase train travel as well as everyday purchases. Transferring points from other rewards programs is another option, but the return on this is not good, so we do not recommend it.

What Are The Amtrak Guest Rewards Status?

There are four member levels in the Amtrak Guest Rewards Program, Member, Select, Select Plus and Executive. Let’s break down the benefits for each status level.

Points Earned
up to 4,999 TQP’s
5,000 TQP’s
Select Plus
10,000 TQP’s
20,000 TQP’s
2 for $1 on Amtrak travelYes Yes Yes Yes
25% bonus on Business travelYes Yes Yes Yes
50% bonus on First Class AcelaYes Yes Yes Yes
Partner point offersYes Yes Yes Yes
Tier Status Point BonusNone25%50%100%
Coupons and UpgradesMember SelectSelect PlusExecutive
One Class UpgradesNo244 plus one every 3,000 TQP’s
Companion CouponNoNo22
Auto train priority vehicle offloadingNoNoNo1
10% Discount CouponNo222
Special Access Member SelectSelect PlusExecutive
Metropolitan Lounge Access No2 single visit passesYes Yes
Priority Call NumberNoYes YesYes
Exclusive OffersNoYes YesYes
Auto registration for promotionsNoNoNoYes
complete guide to amtrak rewards points and upgrade coupons
Enjoy free access to Moynihan Train Hall with your Guest Rewards Points

What Is A Tier Qualifying Point on Amtrak?

Tier Qualifying Points are used within your Amtrak Guest Rewards Program to earn tier status. You can receive additional TQP’s by using your Amtrak Guest Rewards World Mastercard, traveling in Business Class or First Class on the Acela. Here’s how it works:

Amtrak TravelBusiness Class
25% Bonus
Acela First Class
50% Bonus
Amtrak Guest Rewards
World Mastercard
$100 Ticket
x 2 TQP’s
= 200 TQP’s
$100 Business
Class Ticket
x 2 TQP’s
+ 25% Bonus
= 250 TQP’s
$100 Acela
First Class Ticket
x 2 TQP’s
+ 50% Bonus
= 300 TQP’s
Earn 1,000 TQP’s when you purchases
reach $5,000 each calendar year
earning up to 4,000 per year

How Do I Use Amtrak Upgrade Coupons?

Before we finish this complete guide to Amtrak Guest Rewards points and upgrade coupons, we need to discuss the upgrade coupon program. You earn upgrade coupons though one of the Tier statuses in the Amtrak Guest Rewards Program. These coupons are good for one segment or one way trips on most trains. You can not use these coupons on long distance routes. The One Class Upgrade coupon is valid for one space available, one way, one class upgrade from coach to business or business to first class on the Acela on a single travel segment or leg. With Amtrak Select Plus and Executive you receive 2 complimentary companion coupons.

What Is A Complimentary Companion Coupon On Amtrak?

A complimentary companion coupon is valid for a free companion rail fare with the purchase of a regular adult rail fare. This coupon is great to use on long distance train trips. The fare is not completely free with long haul trips but the fare is significantly reduced for sleeper car accommodations. You can save over half your fare on these journeys. Be sure to use the Amtrak booking site while you are logged into your Guest Rewards account to access the coupons in your account. You must select a coupon to use before completing your purchase to apply it to your booking.

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