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Most Scenic Train Rides In Italy

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If you want comfort and convenience combined with the most scenic and impressive views, train rides in Italy are the way to go. Of course, you could rent a car and see the same beautiful landscape, but I much prefer to be along for the ride, able to focus on everything outside the windows. Choose your route, and then check out our How To Buy Train Tickets In Italy post to get started.

Are Trains In Italy Scenic?

The short answer to the question “Are trains in Italy scenic?” is “Yes, absolutely!”. Here, I will share some of the most scenic train rides in Italy, but even a seemingly routine ride from city to city will provide fantastic views of the Italian countryside. When you are traveling by rail, you can opt for the faster high speed train, and you will definitely still experience views of farms, villages, water, and rolling hills. Another possibility, however, is to take a slower regional route which is often even more scenic.

Most Scenic Train Rides In Italy
Tuscan countryside

What Is The Nicest Train In Italy?

The nicest train in Italy is the Bernina Express. I would say it is one of the nicest in the world as well. This spectacular route, known as “Trenino Rosso”, or “The Little Red Train”, goes from Italy to the Swiss Alps. Starting in Tirano, in northern Italy, the train goes west and then crosses the border to its destination in Chur, Switzerland. Even though this train ride does venture into Switzerland, I maintain it is still the most scenic train ride in Italy.

The ride on the Bernina Express takes approximately four hours. It includes snow-covered mountain peaks, beautiful valleys, rivers, lakes, tunnels, and bridges. When the train reaches the Bernina Pass, you are 7,391 feet above sea level. The Trenino Rosso boasts panoramic windows, giving the best views possible as you make your way west (or east, should you choose to start in Switzerland). For more details and ticketing information, visit

Is The Train Ride From Venice To Rome Scenic?

The train ride from Venice to Rome is quite scenic. I highly recommend taking the train between these two fantastic cities. A train ride is comfortable and less stressful than driving. It is also typically the most affordable mode of transportation from Venice to Rome. Perhaps the best reason, however, is that you will be able to focus on simply taking in the view as you pass through the gorgeous countryside. The high speed train will take you from city to city in about three hours. A slower regional route can take 6-8 hours, depending on the train. I suggest the high speed train in this case, but both will provide great views out the train windows.

If you are planning a train ride from Venice to Rome, might I suggest to make a stop in Florence along the way. If you have time, spend a few days in each of the cities. Walk the streets, eat local food, try some gelato, and see the sites. After some time in each city, board the train for a scenic ride to your next destination.

Which Train Is Better Italo Or Frecciarossa?

There is very little difference between Italo and Frecciarossa when you are looking for the most scenic train rides in Italy. Italo is a privately owned company, and Frecciarossa is run by state-owned Trenitalia. The trains use the same tracks and run at similar speeds. They are also equally comfortable. Generally, you will find Italo to be a bit cheaper, but Frecciarossa will have more route and time options available. For more details on trains in Italy, see our 12 Things You Need To Know About Trains In Italy post.

Most Scenic Train Rides In Italy

What Are The Most Scenic Train Rides In Italy?

Here you will find a list of some of the most scenic train rides in Italy. In my opinion, however, every train ride in Italy is quite scenic. If you are planning a train trip in Italy, you might find our Northern Italy Train Itinerary or Best Cities In Italy To Visit By Train posts to be helpful.

The Bernina Express

Mentioned above as the best train in Italy and perhaps one of the most scenic train rides in the world, The Bernina Express is at the top of my list. The train is quite comfortable and has giant panoramic windows for great views and photo opportunities. As the train reaches the Bernina Pass, many passengers will describe the experience as “touching the sky”.

Most Scenic Train Rides In Italy
The Bernina Express

The Cinque Terre Express

One of the most scenic train rides in Italy is this journey from Levanto to La Spezia, along the famous Cinque Terre coastline. The views are amazing in either direction. Certainly, you will want to have your camera ready to capture the harbors, cliffs, vineyards, and cobbled streets. You could choose to ride the entire distance all at once. Alternatively, you may opt to get off the train and explore the five villages along the way. Some visitors plan en entire week in this area, staying overnight in each of the villages.

Most Scenic Train Rides In Italy
Cinque Terre

Naples to Sorrento

Another coastal journey amongst the most scenic train rides in Italy is the ride from Naples to Sorrento. The western coast is known for being one of the most beautiful places in Italy. Indeed, it has earned that reputation well. You will enjoy a view of Mount Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples, just to name a couple of the highlights. This route also passes through Herculaneum and Pompeii, two well-known archaeological sites in Italy.

Most Scenic Train Rides in Italy
Naples, with a view of Mt Vesuvius

Rome or Naples to Sicily

Wanting to visit Sicily? Take the sleeper train from Rome or Naples, and your entire train will board the ferry to cross the Straights of Messina. Once the train is aboard the ferry, you can go up to the top deck for great views and fresh air.

Rimini to Lecce

Traveling down the east coast, from Rimini to Lecce, is one of the most scenic train rides in Italy. Much of the route will follow the coastline, providing beautiful views of the Adriatic Sea to the east and countryside to the west.

Milan to Bolzano

For perhaps the most dramatic change in scenery, take a train from Milan to Bolzano. The starting point is Milan, the hub of shopping and commerce in Italy. You will then pass through Verona, the setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Your destination is Bolzano, located in the Italian Alps. As the train rolls along, you will find ever-changing views out the window, making this one of the most scenic train rides in Italy.

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