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Torino Porta Nuova Train Station: A Complete Guide

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Torino is a part of Italy that every traveler should aspire to visit. Known for its place as the host of the 2006 Winter Olympics, Torino was front and center stage and was introduced to the world. Many that had not previously been familiar with the beautiful Italian city, now flock there to get a taste of its rich history, art and culture.

Torino’s architecture, history, galleries and gardens are reason enough to explore this important and vibrant part of Italy. Nestled at the foothills of the Alps, it is a playground for all in any season. Tour its piazzas, churches and parks in summer. Likewise, in winter, you can plan a ski trip or some other fabulous vacation in the snow.

Torino has an abundant variety of things to do and places to see. You must jump on the bandwagon and take a trip to one of the 250 best cities to visit in the world. After you’ve walked the historic streets and eaten Torino’s fabulous Italian food, you’ll be hungry to get on a train and explore more of what Italy has to offer.

You have the choice to take a bus, plane, car or train. Why not tour Italy in style and hop on a train at the Torino Porta Nuova Station? Begin your trip in luxury and watch the Italian countryside pass you by.

Torino Porta Nuova Station Overview

Torino Porta Nuova Station is one of the three busiest train stations in Italy. Serving over 70 million travelers a year, this station sees people from all walks of life traveling to so many interesting places. Built in 1864, this station was the result in the refinement produced by the Italian unification that brought the country together. The beautiful arch that you see when entering continues through the main hall, giving it that opulent feel that is so prevalent in so many Italian cities.

Torino Porto Nuovo Station

How To Navigate Torino Porta Nuova

Navigating Torino Porta Nuova isn’t difficult due to its layout and design. This station is a Terminal station so all trains will come in and go out again in the same direction. There are twenty platforms in which to board from at this station.

When you walk in the arched front doors you will be graced by a grand view of the arched hallway that was lovingly designed by Alessandro Mazzucchetti in 1861. The light presented by the fantastically sized windows bounces off the red facade. You will also find retailers and restaurants here to pass the time as well as the main information board that details arrivals and departures. If you keep walking behind the shops you will find the platform area lined neatly from 1-20. If you need to store or check your luggage you can do this next to track one at the platform. Restrooms are also located on the platform near Track 20.

The FRECCIAClub is also a place where a weary traveler may want to rest and freshen up. You can enter with your Silver, Gold or Platinum Carta FRECCIA, or with an Executive or Salottino ticket or a carnet of 10 Business travel tickets. Here you can speak with a travel agent, have some refreshments or just get some work done or relax. The FRECCIAClub is located near track 15 and 16.

How To Buy Tickets At Torino Porta Nuova

You can buy tickets in four ways. You can visit the Trenitalia tickets office opposite the buffer stops to platforms 16 and 17. Here you can speak with someone and get additional information if needed. You can also visit Italo’s ticket office which is also located behind platforms 12 and 13. You can also book your tickets online and save time standing in line. There are also ticket kiosks from various companies placed throughout the terminal from which you can retrieve a ticket.

The best way to book seats for a Trenitalia train is on ItaliaRail if you live outside of Italy. This website is designed to help English speakers easily book tickets on the Italian train system. You could also book directly with Trenitalia, but you’ll need to know some Italian, and you’ll also need to know each of the city names in Italian. For instance, on Trenitalia, Florence is called Firenze, so you’ll have trouble booking the correct cities unless you know what they are all called in Italian.

The second benefit to booking on ItaliaRail is that you credit card will work if you are purchasing from the United States or other overseas countries. If you try to book on Trenitalia, there is a good chance your card will not work and the transaction won’t go through.

Torino Porto Nuovo Station

Where To Eat At Torino Porta Nuova Train Station

There will be no problem with getting a bite to eat at the Torino Porta Nuova Train Station. If you want to dine on some of Italy’s finest delicacies, Rossopomodoro Torino Porta Nuova is the place to go. Enjoy pastas, pizzas and salads and gorgeous entrees of the meat of your choice presented in a fun and artistic way.

If you need food fast and you are in a hurry, there is a McDonald’s also in the train station. It might also be interesting to try the Old Wild West to see the Italian take on a wild west burger and fries. However, an early morning train might bring you to Vyta and a nice cappuccino and pastry before you begin your adventure for the day. There are many sources to visit to fill your belly and give you the lasting impression of amazing Italian food before you set off.

However, if you want to skip eating in a restaurant, there is a Esselunga supermarket so that you can stock up for your journey. It is a full scale grocery store, so you should be able to provision for yourself whether your journey is a long haul or just across town.

Where To Stay Near Torino Porta Nuova Train Station

While you are touring around Torino you may want to stay near the train station so that you will be ready for your departure when the time comes. Just a short 7 minute walk from the station will get you to La Siesta. Here, you will find comfortable but basic accommodations that range from basic twin bedrooms to large spacious rooms with panoramic views of the city. This hotel would work well for a single traveler that is just looking for a safe place to sleep before resuming traveling.

The Hotel Diplomatic is a four star hotel located in the Historic Centre that will suite your needs with only a 20 minute walk to the station. This is a great hotel to stay at if you are traveling in a large group. With suites that include up to four rooms, this hotel can accommodate a large family or a group of friends on a European trek.

Likewise, Combo Torino is a hostel that is great for the lone traveler or a couple. Accommodations are adequate, safe and affordable. This is also a superb place to meet other travelers and gather information for your trip. This hostel is a 20 minute walk from the station.

How Early Do You Need To Arrive At Torino Porta Nuova

In order to feel confident about your trip and where you are going, you should get to the train station early to get your bearings. It is not a difficult station to navigate, but you may find that you have questions about your tickets or your journey. Allowing twenty to thirty minutes to iron things out and to ensure you are at the correct platform is always a good policy. If you have time left over, you could always visit a restaurant or retailer to pass the time.

Best Trips From Torino Porta Nuova

Starting your Italian tour from Torino Porta Nuova train station can get you to many places fast. If you would like to go to Florence, your ride will be around 3 hours and 20 minutes. One there, you will be in the Tuscany region and the capital of Italian Renaissance Art. Architecture also can’t be missed in Florence. Travel to the Duomo and gaze at its amazing terra cotta tile and bell tower.

If you are a shopaholic, you won’t be able to resist a trip to Milan to find all the finer things in life. In an hour and fifteen minutes you can be walking down the  Via Montenapoleone and Via della Spiga. Peruse their high end boutiques and shops. Don’t miss sitting on a terrace and enjoying a drink while you are there.

If you are wanting to see the ocean, Genoa is not to be missed. In two hours you can get to this spectacular Italian coastline and enjoy the history and culture that is so rich here. Don’t miss the Romanesque Cathedral of San Lorenzo and its striped facade that is a feast for the eyes.

Your trek to Torino will bring many experiences both expected and surprising. Once there, you will find a multitude of things to do that will introduce you to the culture and Italian way of life. Continue that adventure throughout Italy, using Torino’s Porta Nuova Train Station. and continue your vacation on the rails!

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