The Base 77 and The Base Park West Review in Bangkok

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the base 77 and the base park west review

Here is our The Base 77 and The Base Park West Review from our trip to Bangkok. When we arrived in Bangkok we stayed at The Base 77. We returned to Bangkok after our stay in Pattaya and we stayed at The Base Park West. Both of these buildings are a part of the T77 Community. We stayed in each building at least 30 days. We’ll review the surrounding area as well as each building and the amenities. We used AirBnb to rent both of our apartments from superhosts.

The Base 77

The Base in Bangkok
The Base in Bangkok

The Base 77 building is the closest to On Nut Rd. This is a busy road during the day and not very busy at night. Our apartment was on the 29th floor. We could hear street noise in the mornings but it was not bad. This building has a security gate to enter the premises on foot as well as security guards if you enter in a vehicle.

Pool at The Base Bangkok
Pool at The Base

The Base 77 has a pool and a gym. You will also find a walking track with outdoor exercise equipment and a basketball court. This property has a dry cleaner, hair salon, 7-Eleven and a restaurant behind the gates. It is easy to get to and most taxi drivers know about this place. The gym was small and very busy all the time so it was nice to have the outdoor workout option.

The Pool at The Base 77

The pool at The Base 77 was often chilly. Pools in Thailand are not usually heated because it is warm enough during dry season to provide “natural” heat for the pools. The problem at this building is where the pool is located. It does not get enough sun during the day to heat properly. You end up taking a very cool swim. On the plus side, if you have been walking around in the heat, this cool water is like heaven. If you have been sitting around all day in your air conditioned apartment this is not a good experience, lol. I would say the only down side to this predicament was not being able to fully enjoy night swim.

The Base Park West

Base Park West Bangkok
Pool at the Base Park West

Of the 2 Base buildings we stayed in, this was our favorite. This one is more private, it is behind the T77 community guard gates. The Base Park West also has security guards for entry to the property. I liked the fact that they have a golf cart shuttle to take you out to On Nut Rd. You have easier access to T77 amenities from this building. The Base Park West is directly across the street from Habito Mall.

The building has a pool and gym located on the roof of the parking garage. The pool at this building was in the perfect spot to get enough sun to warm it during the day. We were able to enjoy the pool at night too, since it was heated properly during the day. The gym is nice in this building. It’s air conditioned and is bigger than the one in The Base 77.

Habito Mall

Habito Mall
Habito Mall

This is not a mall like the other malls in Bangkok. This is more of a service provider for the T77 Community. There are restaurants, a pharmacy, 7-Eleven, dentist and a gym. This area is very convenient for this community. It is also a great place to meet other expats and foreigners in the community. There are several areas where you can grab some food and sit outside and enjoy the views. The food court has many options for you to choose from. My personal favorite was Monster Crepe. The crepes from this place were amazing. You can also pick up the shuttle outside Habito Mall.

T77 Shuttle

The community provides a free shuttle. The shuttle runs every 15 min before 10am and every 20 to 25 min until 10pm. You can go to On Nut BTS station, Phra Kanong BTS station and back to T77 from those stations. This shuttle is a great service. The only issue we had with it was from 4pm to about 5:30pm the kids from Bangkok Prep take over the bus stop and the bus. It becomes very crowded. Sometimes you have to wait for the next bus if you can’t fit in. The bus is air conditioned and the drivers are always courteous and friendly.

The Base 77 and The Base Park West Review

As I mentioned The Base Park West was our favorite of the two Base buildings. The units in the buildings were exactly the same, from the layout to the size. The elevators in The Base 77 were faster than in The Base Park West. It was also nice to walk out and be right at On Nut Rd. The Base Park West was quiet and was closer to community amenities. I would recommend either building to any heading to Bangkok for an extended stay. If you plan to visit Bangkok soon be sure to check out some of our other blogs about Bangkok and visit our Youtube channel.  

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