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Amtrak To Florida Route Options and Train Map

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When taking Amtrak to Florida, these three Amtrak routes offer the only service to the sunshine state. The Auto Train, Silver Meteor and Silver Star are your options if you want to travel to Florida by train. It is only possible to reach Florida on Amtrak from the east coast as there are no cross country routes that include stops in Florida. The Auto Train has only one stop in Sanford, Florida. The Silver Star and Silver Meteor will make stops up and down the east coast and both have multiple stops in Florida.

Yellow = Auto TrainGreen = Silver StarBlue = Silver Meteor

The Auto Train

Amtrak To Florida
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The only way you can take Amtrak to Florida with a car is on the Auto Train. The Auto Train only makes stops in Lorton, Virginia and Sanford, Florida. It is also the only train that will transport your vehicle. This train is mainly used by people who are heading to Florida for a long period of time and want a vehicle with them, but don’t want to make the long drive.

This is an overnight train in both directions and has tickets available in coach or sleeper cars. You’ll have wifi service as you make the 17 hour journey that covers 855 miles. The Auto Train also features a dining car and cafe.

Both stations that service this train are small and have minimal services.

The Silver Meteor

Amtrak To Florida
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The Silver Meteor travels between New York City and Miami, making many of the same stops as the Silver Star. The Silver Meteor will reach Miami 3 hours quicker though, but it doesn’t stop in Tampa, or a few locations in North Carolina. If you are going to Tampa, you’ll want to choose the Silver Star.

The Silver Meteor travels to the major stations of New York City, Philadelphia, Wilmington DE, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Richmond, Charleston SC, Savannah, Jacksonville, Winter Park, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

Pasta and Meatballs – One of the Dining Options

The prices for both trains are generally the same, unless one is more booked than the other for your particular dates. This is an overnight Viewliner train so you’ll have ticket options in coach and sleeper cars. Meals are available in the dining car and the cafe and there is Wifi on the train.

If you are taking Amtrak to Florida, and deciding between the Silver Meteor and the Silver Star, it usually come down to which train arrives at your station at a more convenient time.

Penn Station – Moynihan Train Hall

You will board your Amtrak train in Moynihan Train Hall in New York. It’s a gorgeous hall with 92 ft high skylights and modern amenities. It is a world class station. You will find restaurants as well as convenience stores.

There are lots of options for hotels near this station. The closest option is the Fairfield Inn & Suites Penn Station.

Miami Amtrak Station

This is a small station servicing the Silver Star and the Silver Meteor. Amtrak was supposed to move their services to the new 2 billion dollar train station but were unable to make the move when it was discovered they had miscalculated and the Amtrak trains would not fit. The Miami Amtrak Station is just 20 min from the airport by car. They have checked bag service, restrooms and bag storage. You will find a Walmart about 15 min walk from the station but it’s best to bring what you need with you to avoid this walk in the Miami heat.

The Silver Star

The Silver Star is a sister train to the Silver Meteor and makes many of the same stops, including the end stations of New York and Miami. The major difference is that the Silver Star travels to Tampa, and a few extra stops in North Carolina, making the trip 3 hours longer. It shares the same beginning and ending stations of New York City and Miami, but you can board at any station it stops at.

Major stations along the route are New York City, Philadelphia, Wilmington DE, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Richmond, Raleigh, Columbia SC, Savannah, Jacksonville, Winter Park, Orlando, Tampa, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

Meals are available in the dining car or cafe and wifi is available on the train.

Amtrak To Florida Tips

If you can’t decide between traveling in coach or getting a sleeper car when you take Amtrak to Florida, you can get an idea of what each experience would be like on our YouTube channel.

We’ve also reviewed all the meal options you’ll be offered in the dining car on each of these trains. In addition to the dining car, each train also offers a cafe.

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