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Amtrak Silver Star: 10 Things You Need To Know Before Riding

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Inside an Accessible bedroom on a Viewliner
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The Amtrak Silver Star will take you from New York City to Miami while spending 1 night on the train. It is our favorite way to travel between New York and Florida.

Does the Amtrak Silver Star have a dining car

The Silver Star does have a dining car. The dining car on the Silver Star serves the flexible dining menu. Dining car meals are included in the ticket price of sleeping coach passengers and will be available for purchase to coach passengers in late 2022.

There is also a cafe on board the Silver Star, which is located in the middle of the train near the dining car. The cafe is open to all passengers to purchase hot and cold food throughout the day.

Amtrak Viewliner Dining Room
Silver Star Dining Car

What is a Silver Star Roomette Like

The roomette rooms on the Silver Star will be Viewliner Roomettes. They feature two chairs that face each other during the day. At night the two chairs slide together to form a lower bed and the upper berth folds down from the ceiling. There are no bathrooms or showers in the Viewliner II roomettes, but Viewliner I roomettes will have a toilet and sink. Bathrooms and showers are located down the hall for Viewliner II passengers.

Doors on viewliner roomettes will lock from the inside, but not the outside when you are out of your room. Access to the car is limited to sleeping coach passengers.

There is only one power outlet in the viewliner roomette, so be sure to bring an adapter or portable charging station, as we’ve talked about in our 20 must have items for an Amtrak trip.

Amtrak Viewliner II Roomette
Viewliner II Roomette on the Silver Star

What Is A Silver Star Bedroom Like

Bedrooms on the Silver Star will be Viewliner Bedrooms and are more spacious than a roomette. During the day a bedroom will have a couch on one side and a chair that faces it on the other. At night the couch folds down like a futon to form the lower bed and the upper berth folds down from the ceiling. Viewliner Bedrooms have a private bathroom with an all in one shower and toilet area. Next to the couch there is a sink and counter area.

What days does the Silver Star run

The Amtrak Silver Star runs every day in both north and south directions. There is one northbound daily departure from Miami at 11:40am and one southbound daily departure from New York City at 11:02am on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The Silver Star is not a hop on hop off train, you’ll need a ticket each time you get off and get back on the next day.

Where Should You Stay In New York City and Miami

When riding the Silver Star from New York City our favorite hotel is the Fairfield Inn & Suites. It is located right next to Moynihan Train Hall and makes for a very easy transition to the station.

In Miami, there are no hotels near the station, so you’ll want to arrange a cab to take you to your hotel of choice.

Does the Silver Star have WiFi

The Amtrak Silver Star does have WiFi. While many Amtrak trains have WiFi connections on board, some do not, so it is always good to check. The WiFi will not be faster than you cell phone connection though, but if you want to save data or use a computer it is a good option.

Does the Silver Star have an observation car

The Silver Star does not have an observation car. Observation cars are only found on Superliner trains, which operate going west from Chicago. No train that visits New York City will have an observation car.

How long are the stops on the Silver Star

Most stops on the Amtrak Silver Star are 3 minutes. Every few hours there is a fresh air break stop, which lasts 10-15 minutes, and a few times on the trip there will be a crew change stop which will last around 30 minutes. You are allowed to get off the train during a fresh air break or a crew change stop but not the shorter stops. You should never leave the platform and you should be ready to board when all aboard is called.

Is the Silver Star Worth It

The Silver Star is a great way to get between Florida and New York without having to drive. If you are taking a vacation or going on a cruise from Florida, we recommend this as a stress free way to get there. Since it feature more spacious Viewliner cars and only travels for 1 night, it is a great trip for first time Amtrak riders. The Silver Star is totally worth doing and a good value for the money spent.

Always remember to give yourself an extra night when making a connection to a cruise or flight as Amtrak trains are often late.

Where does the Amtrak Silver Star stop

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