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Amtrak provides the ability to see much of the United States in a convenient way. Most routes offer many stops that a passenger would like to spend a few days at if they have the time. There are no Amtrak tickets that allow you to get on and off a route multiple times on the same ticket, however a rail pass will solve the problem by giving you 10 trips to use.

If you wanted to Ride for instance the California Zephyr from Chicago to Emeryville (San Francisco), CA but also wanted to stop for a few days in Denver, CO you would need to buy a ticket from Chicago to Denver and then another ticket from Denver to Emeryville. You are not allowed to hop on and off as you wish during the route.

Amtrak Rail Pass

The Amtrak Rail Pass allows for 10 legs of travel for a price of $499. With this pass if you went from Chicago to Denver, and then from Denver to Emeryville, it would count for 2 of your legs. Every time you hop off and hop on a different train it uses up 1 leg of your 10.

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If you plan your trip out well, using our custom trip planning Amtrak Maps, you’ll have no problem putting together a money saving itinerary.

In addition, the Amtrak Rail Pass has been seen on sale, with it recently being discounted to $299. Amtrak routinely offers great sales, so check out our Amtrak Sale page to find out how to save money when you book.

Amtrak Rail Pass tickets are only good for coach travel and cannot be upgraded to a sleeper car accommodation. To get a deal on a Roomette look out for the Amtrak BOGO Sale.

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