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How to get to Anafiotika in Athens, Greece

We heard about a magical place in Athens but did not know how to get to Anafiotika. The maps are of no use. I’ve seen the pics from there and it they were beautiful. We knew this neighborhood was in the city of Plaka. The hard part is actually getting to the neighborhood. It is truly hidden.

How To Get To Anafiotika

So the question is, how to get to Anafiotika? Once you arrive in Plaka, head to the “Plaka stairs”. Walk up the stairs, don’t stop at the first landing, continue all the way to the top. You will see a white washed stone wall. Once you get to the wall turn left. Continue past the bougainvillea, you will see colorful apartment buildings. Stay on the right, by the buildings, the next set of stairs on the right will get you to the entrance. Veer to the right and you will see the alley way. It is narrow and there will be lots of graffiti. Don’t let the graffiti scare you off, it’s safe. Turn right after the alley and continue to the next left turn and those stairs are the entrance.


You may be wondering (like I was) how did this Greek isle like place end up in the city of Athens? The government sought workers from the island of Anafi to build the royal palace. These workers wanted a comfortable place to stay but could not afford much. They asked the Greek government for the use of leftover materials to build “temporary” homes in a quiet corner of the city that was close to their work site. The government obliged and they built their living quarters in the style of their island homes. The homes ended up being permanent and have been passed down for ages.

What To Do

What is there to do in Anafiotika? This is a residential neighborhood, there are no stores, no shops. There are only homes in this area. Once you turn the corner and start to see the white walls and blue doors, you will feel like you are on a Greek island. It is truly amazing how they have preserved the neighborhood. You are free to walk around  and take pictures but please be respectful of those living in the homes. It is very quiet and peaceful, let’s keep it that way so others can continue to enjoy it. While searching for Anafiotika, we ran into other travelers asking, how to get to Anafiotika. It was amazing how many people knew about it but could not find it. I hope this quick guide will help you get there and enjoy it’s beauty.

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