Best Sunset locations in Arches National Park

Beautiful Sunset Image taken at Arches National Park in Utah
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If you are planning a vacation to Arches, you’ll definitely want to know what the best sunset locations in Arches National Park are.

With a sweeping landscape that offers views for miles, there are some fantastic spots. The challenge may be getting that coveted spot before the guy with $10,000 worth of photography equipment snags it. You can’t blame him, though. Seeing the sunset in one of the most picturesque parks on the planet is at the top of many people’s lists. But, some places are better than others. Do your research before you go, and find out where all of the best sunset locations in Arches National Park are.

Where is the best place to see the sunset in Moab?

You will be rolling into Moab, so it’s only fitting that you should know where the best place in Moab is to see the the sunset. Moab has many places to see an amazing sunset. You can stay close to town or you can go into one of the National Parks nearby.

Arches National park has incredible sunsets, as we will discuss, but Canyonlands National Park is another notable place to see the sunset. You can see a gorgeous sunset at the Green River Overlook, where the light reflecting off of the river can enhance the reds of the sandstone walls giving you a picture perfect opportunity for a fantastic photo.

Mesa Arch is also a fabulous opportunity to see the last show of the day in the form of an amazing sunset. You can see the sunset through the arch as it sets behind the La Sal mountains, giving you a perfect ending to a day of exploring.

Best Sunset Locations In Arches National Park
Sunset Over The Red Rocks In Moab

Where Can I See The Best Sunset Locations In Arches National Park?

Moab itself has astonishing sunsets. But, you came to Moab to go to one place in particular and that’s Arches National Park. You’ve seen all the sights and some of your favorite arches, but you’ve saved the best for last for one reason, to see the sunset.

North Windows with Turret Arch View

The Windows Section of the park has so many arches to choose from when thinking of seeing that perfect sunset. But, there’s one arch that gives you all the by one get one feels! If you hike up to the North Windows Arch and turn around, you will be able to see Turret Arch through the North Window and the sun setting behind it.

On my visit, I was lucky enough not only to see the sun setting behind Turret Arch , but the sun was shining through the tiny O next to the arch. So, I was standing under the arch watching the sunset through an arch. What an experience! It was perfect timing and I’ll always remember that sunset as being the most special I have ever seen.

Double Arch

You can actually get a lot of bang for your buck by being in the Windows Section at sunset. Although Double Arch doesn’t have the direct sunset view you maybe looking for, you can still see amazing elements of what a sunset brings by visiting just after the sun sets.

My advice is to see the sunset behind Turret Arch, and then walk over to Double Arch and see what the filtered light of the remnants of the sunset does on the red rocks of the arches on Double Arch. If there is a heaven, this is what the gates look like. The way the light bounces off the walls of the arches is something you must see.

Fiery Furnace Viewpoint

When you get to Arches National Park, your first order of business should be to obtain your Fiery Furnace permit. You know when a hike requires a permit it’s going to be outstanding! In contrast, you could plan to take the ranger led tour near sunset. There are a few reasons why you might want to do this.

First, you get to see Fiery Furnace with someone that can tell you about all the interesting features of such a hike. Additionally, it’s comforting to have an experienced leader to guide you on a hike that requires boulder scrambling and good directional sense. Lastly, you will begin to see how the light changes to a fabulous amber glow as the sun begins to set. It’s yet one more element added to the visual mystique that is unique to this hike.

Make sure you end the day at Fiery Furnace Viewpoint to see the hoodoos on fire with the La Sal Mountains playing in the background. If the mountains are snow-capped it will be the icing on the proverbial cake.

Balanced Rock

The Balanced Rock Loop Trail is a perfect hike to take at the end of a long day in the park. Plan to stop here when your energy level may be draining from one of the longer hikes of the day. It is only .3 miles and you will be able to check this off your list and see a fantastic sunset, all at the same time.

Park at the Balanced Rock parking area and take the easy paved loop to see the balanced rock at a 360 degree view. It’s so interesting how the perspective changes as you walk around the teetering boulder. You can then see the sun setting behind the rock, as well as how the light changes the colors of the rock as the sun sets in front of it. This is definitely a sunset for your “good” camera.

Delicate Arch

And then there’s Delicate Arch. ..

The Creme de la Creme, the grand finale!

This is why you came to Arches National Park in the first place, and why you wanted to find out the Best Sunsets Locations In Arches National Park.

This one will take some planning. Delicate Arch is a 3.1 mile hike, where half of it is up hill. You will want to make sure you start early enough so you don’t miss the sunset. Make sure you look up the exact time of sunset for that day and allow 1.5 hours to get to the top. You will want to build in breaks for water and picture stops.

You also will want to get there early if your goal is to snap the perfect Delicate Arch photo, because you will not be the only one. Sunset is arguably the most popular time at the most popular arch. So, if you want to get that million dollar shot, you have to get there early to get your chosen spot.

But once you’ve settled in, get ready for a show. The way the light plays on the arch is nothing short of spectacular, and all the effort that you took in getting there will be well worth it.

Can you get into Arches National Park at night?

You’ve seen the sunset and your hurriedly trying to make it out of the park before the gates close. But then you remember, the gates don’t close! Arches National Park is open ALL THE TIME!!

As in 24 hours a day 365 days a year!

Take this time to see the park when it’s the quietest and most serene. Join a ranger led tour or try your hand at some photography of the Milky Way. There are quite a few spots to see the stars in a way that you just can’t get anywhere else.

Arches has so much to see and do, that you will undoubtedly sleep well every night when your head hits the pillow. But, remember to conserve your energy and pick a couple of places to see the sights at this special time of the day. Your trip wouldn’t be complete without an Arches National Park sunset.

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