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Amtrak Vermonter Vs. Northeast Regional For Train Travel

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Often times travelers will be going between two cities in the Northeast corridor that has several train options, such as Washington D.C. to New York. In this instance there is a whole host of different trains you could ride, so which is best? One common choice is the Amtrak Vermonter Vs. the Northeast Regional. The Vermonter travels between Washington D.C. and St. Albans, Vermont. This route is also covered by the Northeast Regional and even the Acela.

Amtrak Vermonter Vs. Northeast Regional

The Northeast Regional is a much better choice for travel in the Northeast corridor over the Vermonter. The price of the Northeast Regional is significantly less and the train will get you where you are going in almost the same amount of time. Both trains will have comfortable seating and food options available. The Vermonter will be much more likely to be late as it is traveling a long distance. When you add up all these factors we recommend the Northeast Regional over the Amtrak Vermonter.

The coach price of the Vermonter from Washington D.C. to New York City is $82 vs. only $31 for the Northeast Regional.

Northeast Regional Business Class
Northeast Regional Business Class

What About the Acela

A third option exists, and if money is not a concern you should consider taking the Acela over the Vermonter or Northeast Regional. It is the best train in this part of the country with better food and seating, but comes at a much higher cost. The Acela is also the fastest train in the United States so you’ll get where you are going quickly.

Amtrak Acela First Class
First Class on the Acela

Is There Free WiFi on the Amtrak Vermonter

The Amtrak Vermonter does offer free WiFi. Speeds of the WiFi service will generally be about the same as your cell phone and will change depending where you are on the route. The free WiFi is best used on computers and tablets without a cell connection.

How Often Does The Amtrak Vermonter Run

The Amtrak Vermonter makes one daily departure from St. Albans, VT and Washington D.C. and the trip takes 12 hours and 40 minutes.

Does The Amtrak Vermonter Have A Quiet Car

The Amtrak Vermonter has a quiet car that can be found in the rear of the train. In the quiet car passengers should not be taking on the phone and must always use headphones when listening to music.

Does the Vermonter Have Bathrooms

The Amtrak Vermonter does have bathrooms in every car. The bathrooms are spacious and well stocked. Depending on other passengers on the train, by the end of the trip they may be in a worse condition, so use it early if you need to do so.

Amtrak Bathroom
Amtrak Bathroom

Is The Amtrak Vermonter Scenic

The Amtrak Vermonter is one of the most scenic routes in the Northeast. As the train cuts through Vermont you’ll see beautiful vistas as you pass through towns like Battleboro, White River Junction, and Montpelier. The Amtrak Vermonter is also one of the best Amtrak routes to see fall colors.

Where Is The Cafe Car On The Amtrak Vermonter

The cafe car on the Amtrak Vermonter is in the middle of the train and offers hot and cold food and drinks to all passengers. The cafe car is usually a half business class and half cafe table seating car, so seating might be limited while you are riding. You can also bring your own food aboard the Amtrak Vermonter and eat is at your seat.

Amtrak Cafe Car
Amtrak Cafe Car

Does Amtrak Run From Boston To Vermont

There is no single Amtrak train that will take you from Boston to Vermont. To get from Boston to Vermont you’ll need to ride at least 2 trains. From Boston you could take the Acela and then the Vermonter up to Vermont.

Where Does The Vermonter Stop

The Amtrak Vermonter originates at St. Albans, VT and Washington D.C. and makes the following stops:

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