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The Maharaja Express-10 Things you need to know about this Luxury Train of India

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The magic of India can be available to you by taking what is arguably the most luxurious train excursion in the world. The Maharaja Express is everything the name implies. Fit for Kings and Queens of an era when only the finest was bestowed upon the Royals, this train spares no expense to attention and detail as it whisks you from point to point.

Palaces of lore, scenery that is stunningly beautiful and all the history that comes with that landscape awaits you as you journey across one of the most intriguing and alluring countries in Asia.

Take the time to enjoy the many excursions that are planned as you stop in bustling cities and quiet countryside towns across this amazing country.

Which is the richest train in India?

The Maharaja Express is the most luxurious train in India. It is also arguably the most lavish and elegant train in the world. Riding on the Maharaja Express has been equated to a rolling, royal palace.

How many cars are on the Maharaja Express?

This well-appointed express train is 22 cars long and can transport 84 passengers at a time. There are two dining cars and two lounge cars that are available for relaxation and dining while you travel.

Where does the Maharaja Express go?

The Maharaja Express will pass through five states that include RajasthanUttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh along with the capital city Delhi. There are four different itineraries to choose from while traveling on the Maharaja Express.

Indian Splendor

This one-week itinerary will take you from Delhi to Mumbai. Experience the trip of a lifetime as you wander the one and only Taj Mahal of Agra. Next, go tiger spotting in Ranthambore National Park. Jaipur is a stop that will expose you to monuments, palaces and the forts of the region.

Delhi, India
Temple Akshardham, Delhi, India

Do you want something unique and unusual? How about a visit to the “Rat Temple”, where rats are worshipped. Udaipur is a stop that will show you opulent palaces amongst the desert sand where seven species of dinosaurs once roamed the Earth.

The last stop will be the magnificent Mumbai, where all your dreams can and will come true. Visit the tallest building in the world, walk on a man-made island or explore their amazing caves.

The Heritage of India

Starting in Mumbai, this amazing week-long journey will take you through historical tours, gorgeous lakes and you’ll even enjoy a camel ride through the desert. After gliding through the Ranthambore National Park you will be mesmerized by the Taj Mahal in Agra before arriving in your destination of Delhi.

The Indian Panorama

This itinerary is a round-trip seven day ticket that will take you to so many exciting places in India. From the bustling city of Delhi you will then travel to Jaipur and experience their dazzling culture and history. Next, stop is Ranthambore, where you will gaze at the wildlife of this national park. Then, experience the scenery and architecture of Fatehpur Sikri and Agra. After, you will love the art of Orchha and Khajuraho. Lastly, Varanasi will show you the beauty of this river city on the Ganga River.

Treasures of India

If you only have time for a taste of India, this four-day tour will give you a glimpse and leave you wanting to come back for more. Start in Delhi and tour the wonderful Taj Mahal. Then, experience the adventure of Ranthambore and the natural wonders it provides. Lastly, Jaipur will show you its interesting past while in the setting of a world class city.

What is the most expensive ticket on the Maharaja Express?

The most expensive ticket that you can buy for the Maharaja Express is for the Presidential Suite and costs just under $25,000 per person.

Is the Maharaja Express all-inclusive?

All itineraries on the Maharaja Express are all-Inclusive. There may be additional excursions available where time permits that will be an extra fee should you choose. Your ticket will include accommodations, most meals and transportation to excursions and back to the train for disembarkation.

What are the Maharaja Express ticket prices?

Ticket prices range from $7750 per person to just under $25K per person for the Presidential Suite. Prices depend on accommodation type chosen and itinerary. You can also choose additional excursions along the route for an extra fee.

What are accommodations like on the Maharaja Express?

Traveling on the Maharaja Express is meant to recreate the experience that the Royal kings and queens of the past may have experienced. Therefore, anything that was good enough for the monarchy is incorporated into the design, furnishings and decor of the Maharaja Express train.

There are a total of 14 guest carriages on the Maharaja Express, all with names from precious stones such as “The Blue Sapphire” and “The Topaz”. This nearly half-mile train has the capacity to transport 88 passengers. There are four separate room types to choose from depending on your needs and budget.

Deluxe Cabin

Deluxe Cabins are 112 sq. ft. and include a double or twin bed, writing table, tv, shower cubicle with toilet and hot water, WiFI and a dedicated butler service. Luxuries such a a bathrobe, slippers and essential oil toiletries are also provided.

Junior Suite

The Junior Suite is much like the Deluxe Cabin with the addition of a little more room. This 150 sq. ft. suite includes a mini-pantry and a manned valet to serve your every need.


In addition to all the mentioned amenities, this 220 sq. ft. suite is even larger than the first two. Included are a double bed and a large panoramic window to enjoy that amazing scenery as you pass through the countryside.

Presidential Suite

There is only one Presidential Suite on the train and it is so roomy and lavish that it takes up an entire carriage. At 448 sq. ft. you will have a difficult time leaving this extraordinary space. “The Navratana” as it is called, includes two bedrooms, a living room, a well appointed bath with all the amenities and a dedicated butler service at your beck and call. The scenery from your panoramic window will be a joy to witness as you tour the country.

What type of food can be expected on the Maharaja Express?

The Maharaja Express serves traditional Indian cuisine that might consist of phirni, milk desserts, steamed keems, mewari lauki and many more. International cuisine such as Chinese and other Continental dishes are also served for patrons who choose this cuisine.

There are two incredible restaurants to choose from aboard the Maharaja Express. The “Red Restaurant” and the Peacock Restaurant are open to serve you and are considered seven-star facilities.

Does the Maharaja Express serve alcoholic beverages?

The Maharaja Express serves alcoholic beverages in its two bar areas. ‘The Rajah Club’ and the ‘Safari Bar’ carriages include all sorts of liqueurs, spirits and wines for you to enjoy.

Is there WiFi available on the Maharaja Express?

There is WiFi available on the Maharaja Express. However, connectivity can vary due to the remoteness of portions of the route.

Exploring India is something that many travelers strive for in their quest to see the world. By taking the Maharaja Express, see the best of this mesmerizing country in unmatched luxury and comfort.

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