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8 Things You Need To Know Before Riding The Golden Pass Route In Switzerland

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How long is the Golden Pass train route

The Golden Pass train route takes 5.5 hours and is done by riding three separate trains across Switzerland.

Is the Golden Pass Line Included With Your Swiss Pass

The Golden Pass Line is included in your Swiss Pass. You can take advantage of this by riding it the whole length of the route or doing a back and forth on the Golden Pass Bell Epoque and the Panorama VIP Train.

Belle Epoque Train
Belle Epoque

Where Does The Golden Pass Train Line Start

The Golden Pass Train line starts in Lucerne and Montreux. You can ride the train in either direction, or in both directions to make a round trip.

Golden Pass Route

Is the Golden Pass Train Running

The Golden Pass train line operates all year round. Tickets are easier to get in winter and non peak months.

Can You Get Off The Golden Pass Train Line

The Golden Pass train line is very scenic, but operates just like a normal train. You can get off the Golden Pass and get on again later at any stop. If you have the Swiss Pass it will be free to get off and on the Golden Pass train as many times as you like.

Is the Golden Pass train worth it

The Golden Pass train route is one of the best in Switzerland and totally worth doing. If you get the chance to check out the custom VIP Panorama cars you will have an amazing experience. Since the rides are included in your Swiss Pass there is no reason to not ride the Golden Pass.

What Is the Best Section of the Golden Pass

The best section of the Golden Pass route is from Zweisimmen to Montreux. It also happens to be the section with special cars like the Belle Epoque and the VIP Panorama Cars, so if you can only do one leg, pick the one from Zweisimmen to Montreux.

Golden Pass Route

Which Is Better Between The Belle Epouqe and the VIP Panorama Car

If you can only choose to do one of these special rides, the VIP Panorama Car is the better choice. It is one of the top rail experiences in the world. Where else can you have these views and be sitting in the very front of the train.

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